Together our coaches have more than 10 years of fighting experience with over 20 fights!


Head Striking Coach

A native of Mexico, Moises is a boxer and MMA fighter with a 100% knockout win ratio. He is the 2019 Sugar Bert National Qualifier Champion and 2018 Light Heavyweight New Orleans Champion. Moises was recently ranked #1 in the nation in the 2020 B2 fighting series rankings.



Brooke has been boxing for 4 years at Summit and back in Philadelphia. Brooke brings energy and intensity to all of her classes and strives to give her clients the best experience possible.


Head Wrestling Coach

Carlos is a boxer and MMA fighter from Russellville, AL. He is a 2x Alabama State Champion wrestler in two weights classes, the only 2x champion out of Tuscaloosa, AL. Also, he is the 2018 Battle of New Orleans Bantamweight Champion, 2019 Strikehard Productions Flyweight Champion, and ranked #1 in Alabama and Louisiana as a flyweight.



Ryan is a competitive grappler with 10+ years of strength and conditioning training. Ryan, originally from Canada, has experience in a variety of combat sports and powerlifting.