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"Before joining Summit Fitness Kickboxing I had never stepped foot into a gym or worked out a day in my life. Just 3 classes in and Summit Fitness quickly became family! Going to the 9AM class everyday has led to consistently having Carlos, DeAndre, and Moises as my trainers. They each always make a point to teach me proper technique in everything - from "elbows in" to "rotate that back foot" to "keep those hands up" to "snap it out" to "turn those hips" to "kick through that bag!" More than anything though, they each push me way beyond my limits. Just when I'm certain I'm going to puke all over the place and can't possibly throw one more kick, they remind me that I truly am strong enough to push through for "one more." Summit Fitness Kickboxing has without a doubt become my family, and my trainers have without a doubt become my absolute favorite people!" -Courtney E.

"I've been to many gyms around the city and none compare to this one. The trainers push you to your full potential, and it definitely shows after only a few classes. I love my membership." -Taylor

"This is an absolutely AMAZING workout!!! You go at your own pace but are constantly motivated to do more. I will definitely be back!! It's perfect for spring break! All college students must go!!!" -Grace

"Super great workout- love how it combines cardio and the bag in one workout!! Best way for me to get working on my spring break bod!! Fav kickboxing place in Tuscaloosa!" -Lauren


"This place is the best in Tuscaloosa! Great workouts and such friendly trainers!! 10/10 would recommend." -Brooke H.

"Always a great workout coming here. Such an awesome experience! The staff is super nice and cares about the fitness of the people who use their gym which you can’t find everywhere." -Rachel

"I just started 4 days ago and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! It’s fun and you get the workout what time best suits you. The trainers are awesome they help you the whole way through your workout and help you get better and better!" -Cortney

"I love going here! Summit helped me get in the best shape of my life and I suggest it to all of my friends!" -Amanda

"Absolutely loved my experience and the staff! It's definitely a great work out in a nice and clean facility. My friends and I will be back!!" -Jada

"Awesome total body workout! Awesome people! I absolutely love it!" -Stacey

"I've always wanted to learn some sort of self defense. After moving to T-town, I discovered Summit Fitness. I'm a very shy and anxious person. I never went to my gym at my apartment because I'm very self conscious and people would stare. All of the coaches here make me feel confident. I toned up a lot. Thank you guys for being awesome, and thank you Moises for giving me these great hands!" -Miller

"I joined Summit Fitness Kickboxing at the end of February. I started to exercise for mental and physical health. Summit Fitness has taught me to fight to be a better version of myself and pushes me to always work hard. Summit Fitness is intentional in encouraging their clients and making sure they always have the best equipment. For that, I find it an honor to be a part of a gym that it persistent in being the best. Since I have been here I have found myself getting better and I have lost 17 pounds. But most important, I am learning to love exercising and that's something I never could have said 4 months ago." -Lollie

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